Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted or lost? 

I’m here to help… Introducing my brand-new intimate 6 week group coaching programme,  MIND MOMMY COACHING® Academy, a transformative journey designed to get Moms unstuck. 

The secret to navigating any challenge in Motherhood is to Mind Mommy. Whether you’re a first-time Mom or an experienced one, this course will give you the tools you need to identify what that means for you and how to do it. With valuable insights, practical strategies, and empowering tools, I will help you navigate the beautiful yet challenging world of motherhood. 

I’ve helped  over 3,500 Moms get unstuck and I can’t wait to help you too.

The Academy is full for 2023. Registrations opening soon for 2024.

Who is MIND MOMMY COACHING® Academy for?

Moms at all stages of Motherhood who feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted, or depleted. If you are a Mom and feel like you would like to make some positive changes but don’t know how, this is for you. This is where you will finally be seen, heard and supported. This is your Village.

What’s Included?

-Access to peer support from an exclusive community of Moms who are  navigating the same challenges as you.

-6 x weekly online live group coaching sessions with me (recorded versions available), covering 6 core modules.

-Workbook to support and capture your thoughts and progress


When does it start?

The Academy is now full for 2023. Applications opening soon for 2024.

Personal Investment: €595 (you may be eligible to claim this back from your employer)


  • The 3 x scientific reasons why Motherhood feels hard
  • Your Motherhood Journey (What do you find hard, what do you want to change)
  • Your Goals
  • Shifting your perspective on Balance
  • What good balance feels like
  • 5 Steps to achieve more balance
  • Daily schedule audit
  • Anchors and how to use them
  • How to get time back in your day
  • Your new daily schedule.
  • What does your inner critic sound like
  • Impact of your inner critic
  • Tools to get rid of your inner critic
  • The Mom Self Care Challenge
  • Challenging your perspective
  • 5 Steps to fill up your reserves
  • Your lightbulb moments
  • How to apply these lightbulb moments to your life
  • What is your personal plan


I Have More Questions

Registrations now closed for the next Academy. Registrations will open soon for 2024.

I would really encourage you to try make the live group coaching sessions. However, in the event that you cannot, a recorded version will be available to you for up to 5 days.

Each group size will vary but there will be a maximum of approximately 15 Moms per group.

Yes absolutely. You can ask during each live coaching session. Also there will be dedicated time to ask a question at the end of each live coaching session. 

When you book your place, you will be asked to fill in a pre-coaching questionnaire. Once you complete your payment, I will send additional important information to the email address you provide.

MIND MOMMY COACHING® Academy fee  is non-refundable and non-transferable to another date.

Yes absolutely. Please contact me directly if you wish to do this. I will need your friend to fill in a pre-coaching questionnaire in advance of the programme.

Client Feedback

Frances Ryan
Frances Ryan
Working with Laura was the best investment I have made in myself in a long time! With Laura's help, I have gained the clarity I needed on what is important to me and my family. Going forward, this is going to help me massively in motherhood & my career, especially when it comes to making decisions. I felt really stuck and lost when I first contacted Laura and she has helped me challenge my inner critic, shift my mindset & work on getting rid of the dreaded mom guilt! I honestly feel so much lighter and confident in my decisions, thanks to Laura's tips and direction. I would highly recommend working with Laura, Mind Mommy Coaching.
Toni Huddy
Toni Huddy
My coaching session with Laura was amazing. In just 90 short minutes, she helped me realize the crux of what I’ve been struggling with, gave me a fresh perspective and provided me with tools to move forward. I’ve felt so much lighter and positive since our session, it was exactly what I needed. She is lovely and great at what she does and would highly recommend her.
Niamh Coakley
Niamh Coakley
Laura was such a fantastic support for me I’ve the last few months. I would highly recommend her to anywho who feels they need some support. She really helped me look at my situation with a new perspective which has made all the difference to how I’m feeling as a mother. Having Laura to listen and guide me has really benefited me and I’m only sorry I didn’t speak to her sooner!
Trish O'Neill
Trish O'Neill
I am so grateful to Laura for her help and coaching over the last few weeks.The transition back to full time work in Winter with two kids under 3 was tougher than I ever imagined.Over the course of the few months,Laura guided me and aided me in seeing everything from a different angle.Her support and advice has been invaluable.And although at times it's still hard,it's easier.Thank you Laura, Trish.
Eilís Eagers
Eilís Eagers
Loved this, could do it in my own time. Got so much from it. Would 100 percent love to do another
Sophia Blake
Sophia Blake
I couldn’t recommend Laura enough and I’m so grateful to have discovered and worked with her. I’d never fully understood coaching but took the plunge and it was so incredibly helpful to work with Laura to unpack areas that felt stuck. She is absolutely amazing and helped me to completely shift my perspective on a number of situations, offering a fresh way to look at things in ways I’d never really considered. Hands down one of the best investments a person could make - if you’re considering it, do it!!
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