I’m Laura Guckian, a qualified and accredited Life Coach for Moms. But most importantly, I’m a Mom of 3.

While motherhood can be a  wonderful experience, the reality is that it is also full of challenges at every stage. The first few years of my Motherhood journey were the most challenging years of my life.  I had no idea what was happening or why I was finding Motherhood so hard. I felt alone and guilty. I overcame these challenges, rewrote my story and now live a more fulfilled and balanced life.

I believe life coaching was one of the key tools that supported me on this journey. I am now hugely passionate about the Mental Wellbeing of Moms. Having worked in Marketing for over 14 years, it was my own challenging experience that inspired me to set up MIND MOMMY COACHING®

My goal is simple. I want to support other women through their motherhood journey so that they don’t have the same challenging experience as me.

As a life coach for Moms, I now help women to ultimately achieve Mental Wellbeing by empowering them to overcome challenges, pursue opportunities, truly live their potential and achieve their goals (whatever they may be).

My aim is to normalise all of the challenges you are experiencing and help you overcome these challenges so that you are happier and healthier.

Because just like me, you can also rewrite your story.