Hello, I’m Laura a trained certified and accredited life coach, and most importantly a Mom. I am Mom to two amazing boys Leo age 5, Alex age 2 and baby Anna. 

While motherhood is a wonderful experience, the reality is that it is also full of challenges at every stage. I have experienced several challenges throughout my motherhood journey and understand the real impact they can have on both your personal and professional life. With the support of others and through seeking help I have overcome these challenges, pursued new opportunities and now live a more fulfilled and balanced life.

I believe life coaching was one of the key tools that supported me on this journey. I am now hugely passionate about Mental Health Wellbeing and the benefits it brings to our life. Having worked in Marketing for over 12 years, I retrained to become a life coach as I wanted to support other women through their motherhood journey. As a life coach, I now help Mothers to ultimately achieve Mental Health Wellbeing by empowering them to overcome challenges, pursue opportunities, truly live their potential and achieve their goals (whatever they may be).

The elusive work life balance may not exist but I have learned that motherhood can bring new opportunities. However, as a mother these can sometimes be challenging to pursue. My aim is to help you achieve the balance that is right for you, to find yourself again and bring your whole self to every aspect of your life